#14. What happens in the ER…

“Drank too much and fell off a horse.

A metal statue of a horse.

In Vegas.”

#15. Carnies…

“Woke up in the hospital with my roommate and her mom asleep in the chairs in the hospital room.

I started freaking out because I was seven months pregnant and my pregnant belly was obviously not pregnant. My screaming woke them up.

My fiancée and I had been hit by a drunk driver, killing my fiancé, and I lost the baby. I had been in a coma for three days.

I have some really gnarly scars that my kids like to make up crazy stories about. My favorite being the time I fought off three knife wielding, psychotic carnies, and murdered them with my bare hands.

I was 23.

It was long enough ago where I feel okay talking about it. Sometimes, a scent will trigger a memory of him, and I’ll get the sads for a while.

He was a really special person. I haven’t met anyone else like him.”

#16. So, you look like a horse?

“Was at school, about 8 years old.

It was sports carnival day, I don’t know if they have that everywhere, but its where the whole school spends the day competing in various sports.

I was watching the other group play tee-ball.

Next minute, hospital.

I woke up feeling like I’d just had a dream that I was in an ambulance. Apparently I did briefly wake in the ambulance but not for long.

I was thwacked in the forehead with a flying metal bat, had a massive abrasion which turned into the oddest scab you’d ever seen, like a unicorn had his horn lopped off.

Still have a scar there where my skull cracked and healed with a kind of divot in it.”

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