18 Harry Potter Jokes That Make the Internet Worth It

Image Credit: Twitter

Harry Potter is one of the biggest worldwide phenomenons to happen in the past several decades – like it or hate it, there’s almost no way you haven’t been exposed to the books, movies, or just general cultural use of the property.

If you’re a fan, or even just a casual reader/watcher (if those exist), you’re going to love these 18 pretty solid jokes. 

18. That guy really had no life!


17. So cringe-ily accurate.


16. The ministry were the real teenagers.


15. He’s certainly emo enough at times.

14. Oh, Draco. You monster.

13. For the maths people out there.

12. His love of drama was his undoing.

11. Omg y’all I am wheezing.

10. I hope she gets paid for this idea when it happens.

9. Still waiting for the rest of this essay, because she’s not wrong.

8. I mean see for yourself.

7. Everyone else can just stop tweeting now.

6. Except way scarier.

5. No on appreciates poor Mr. Weasley.


4. “not clickbait” lololol.

3. Good friend my butt!


2. He thinks they make him look smart.

1. Asking the important questions here.

I’m a super fan and proud of it – one of the reasons I’m not totally freaking out about my boys getting older is that, one day soon, we’ll be able to share the first book together.

Please, tell me all of the heartwarming tales!