18 Mental Health Stigmas That Need to Be a Thing of the Past


10. Thanks, Mom!

“Depression: ‘You have to want to get better.’ Thanks Mom.

Depression/anxiety/fear/mental paralysis: you have to ‘work harder,’ ‘man up,’ ‘push through it,’ ‘stop feeling sorry for yourself,’ and in general fix whatever you’re doing wrong that’s causing it.

With abuse, (I’m a guy, not sure about the gals) the suspicion that maybe you really did have some part in causing it. Thanks mom!”

11. No Guilt Trips Please

“People always think that depression is tied with laziness/not trying enough, and that a simple trick will resolve everything. I barely have the will to keep living, and this kind of talk is not going to help, instead it makes me feel even guiltier. And then they wonder why I’m not sharing my feelings as much as I used to.”

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

12. I Can’t Just “Suck It Up”

“That anxiety is something everyone feels and I should just suck it up. I know how I should feel, I felt that way for 23 years. All of a sudden, I developed GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and now constantly feel dizzy and on edge; some days unbearably so. Most people don’t know what fear is because to them fear lasts a half second, then they get over it. A panic attack is like experiencing that split second where you know you about to fall off a chair for 10 minutes. Most people recover from that fear in half a second, but to experience it for 10 minutes is excruciating.”

13. Taboo

“The blank stare and change of subject you get when you try to talk with someone about depression. I don’t just open up to anyone, but when I do I’d like to think I won’t be treated like a leper.”

14. Educate Yourself

“OCD – Not typically about organization.

Sociopathy – I don’t deliberately hurt people, physically, emotionally, or mentally.

Schizophrenia – Not even close to Multiple Personality Disorder (now it is called Dissociative Identity Disorder).”

15. Empathy

“In general? People who have no experience or real knowledge of mental health issues talking like they know and understand everything and continue to judge you.”

16. Medications Are Lifelines

“”Oh honey, you need to get off those antidepressants. Everyone feels down sometimes. You should just get more exercise!”

Bitch, these antidepressants are saving my life right now.”

17. It’s Not Typically ABOUT Something

“‘What do you even have to be depressed about?’ It doesn’t work like that…”

18. It’s Invisible

“My biggest frustration regarding mental health is that it’s perceived as somehow being less important than physical health.

If someone is physically injured, society is more understanding of the restrictions someone has given the circumstances. Break a leg? People will help you open doors, work will be understanding if you can’t come in.

Mental health though… I’ve got anxiety and depression – apparently not being an asshole is too much effort for some people. If I call up saying I’m not coming to work because of anxiety…well, work has no concept of “having a real fucked day” and people at work take it personally, almost as if my anxiety is a trigger of the work environment.”

Photo Credit: Psychologium

Photo Credit: Psychologium