16. That Escalated Quickly

“Day 58 of the 60 days it took for my parents’ divorce to be final, my dad called my mom at work and begged her to call it off and take him back. She said no. He went from sad and crying to pissed, saying “so this is how you want things?” About an hour and a half later, my mom got another phone call from someone letting her know that our house was on fire. It was arson, of course. I wish that’s the worst I could say about their divorce.”

17. Yikes

“The husband in the case broke into the wife’s (our client) home, poisoned some of her food, and left. She went to the hospital and ended up being perfectly okay thankfully.”

18. What A Horrible Father

“A self-righteous father who used the kids against the mother & described to them in detail the mother’s sexual exploits with her lover after he caught her sleeping around. I’m not condoning the cheating, but don’t tell explicit details to your 5-year-old for God’s sake. Judge wasn’t happy when he heard the tape of the kid repeating it.”

Photo Credit: Old Buck Music

Photo Credit: Old Buck Music