I still remember my finest moment in high school. A teacher who was annoyed with me said, “If I hear another peep out of you, you’re gonna be in trouble.”

My response? “Peep peep.”

The classroom erupted in laughter. I was a LEGEND (for 5 seconds). It’s been downhill ever since. Will I ever recapture that glory? Right now it doesn’t look good.

Take a look at 21 of the best sarcastic responses that students and teachers shared on AskReddit.

1. Hey o!

I had a teacher tell a classmate “no drinks in class.” He got up from his seat, picked up the teachers drink, and deposited in the garbage with his drink. She sent him to the office.

2. Dishes

Back when I taught first grade, we were doing a writing assignment about Thanksgiving. The kids had to draw a picture of their family celebrating Thanksgiving, and then write about it. One little girl drew the table and chairs, and that was all. I knew she just didn’t feel like doing the work, so I tried to prompt her. I asked where the food and her family were, and she snapped right back with, “They’re washing the dishes.” Had to give her credit for coming up with a logical argument for not doing the work!


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