19 People Share Their Creepiest and Most Inexplicable Stories

Many of the things that happen to us are inexplicable, on one level or another – but there is a biiiiiig difference between that one level and the other. Picking up your phone to look at it right before you get a call? Well, that could be coincidence. Remembering to go feed your neighbor’s cat right before your house explodes?  That seems a little less coincidental…

All of these 19 AskReddit stories are bizarre and unexplainable, but some of them seem downright haunted:

19. Doppelganger

I was at a dueling piano bar with my girl for a night of laughing. This girl my age and who I figured was her mom kept looking at me. The night went on and they eventually came up to me and apologized for the staring and had decided to explain to me why. The old lady told me her daughter had taken her out to this piano bar tonight to celebrate her now deceased husband’s birthday and that I was actually a perfect match and looked exactly like her husband and was the same age for when they met decades ago. They asked me my name and age when I told them they both started crying as I had the same name as the husband and was the same age as when they met. They kept saying they wish they had a picture with them to show me the resemblance. The old lady and daughter asked me to please take a pic with them so they could document this and to have the pic to show the rest of family this as nobody would believe this happened. They were pretty emotional about this happening and the old lady almost pulled some tears out of me when she asked me to hug her because it was like she was going back in time and was given the chance to hug her husband once again. The daughter, to her this was like seeing her father in his prime and they were both blown away. I couldn’t say no to the pic and hug etc. The whole thing was very strange and really got me thinking about life etc. I’m a tad emotional right now thinking about this again.