20 of the Best Websites on the Internet

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The Internet is full of amazing and addictive things: social networking, endless amounts of information, and incredible websites that keep your mind entertained and your time wasted.

How can you possibly find the perfect website when you’re busy wasting your time on other websites?! Clearly you don’t have time for that, so here is a helpful list of some of the best sites on the web, neatly compiled in a categorized list for your browsing pleasure.

You’re welcome.

1. Freerice

This charity website is a fun quiz that donates 10 grains of rice through the UN’s World Food Programme for every answer you get correct.

Their goals are to provide people with free education and help end world hunger.

If you’re feeling down, you can learn something new, feel smarter, and help feed the hungry all at the same time.

There’s even a free app for your phone.

2. F*** My Life (FML)

This is basically a message board where people post all of the crappy things that are happening to them.

Now matter how bad your day is going, perhaprs you can take comfort in the fact that you didn’t get pulled over for pimple-popping.

3. The Nicest Place On The Internet

“A little pick-me-up can be hard to come by.” This site is continual footage of people giving you virtual hugs.

Warm, fuzzy, happy feels are coming at you nonstop. You can also submit your own virtual hug.

If you’re in need of some love, go to this website and you’ll be smiling within a minute.

4. Duolingo

Doesn’t get much better than this for language lovers. Learn a new language and play a game at the same time, for free.

Choose from Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Swedish, Hungarian, Esperanto, Ukranian, Russian, Norwegian, Romanian, Polish, or Vietnamese.

For non-English speakers, there is also an option to learn English and various other languages. Best part? There’s also a free app.

5. Wolfram Alpha

Browse through a list of information quickly without having to open different links.

This is a refreshing search engine that compiles actual curated data from other sites instead of providing a list of links to your desired information the way Google or Bing would.

6. Musictheory.net

Free online content for learning everything from major scales to diatonic triads.

There are also a variety of useful tools for musicians of all types, and mobile apps for on-the-go learning.

7. Serendipity

Serendipity is a site that tracks when 2 people in different cities, states, or countries have started listening to the same song at the same exact time on Spotify.

The creators wanted to show how people all over the world can be very different, but still connected by music.

8. MyFridgeFood

Myfridgefood.com lets you enter whatever ingredients you have in your fridge and tells you what you can make with them.

It also provides recipes, nutritional information, and cook times for each option.

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, it just tells you to give up and get drunk.

9. Sleepyti.me (bedtime calculator)

Possibly the most instantly useful and personally beneficial site you’ll find on the web, it tells you what time you need to go to bed in order to get a good night’s sleep.

No, it does not count backwards 8 hours from your wake-up time. It provides several options of the best times to fall asleep so that you don’t wake up in the middle of a sleep cycle feeling tired and cranky.

10. What Should I Read Next?

This site is exactly what it sounds like: it tells you what to read after you finish a book you like.

Type in the book title and it will provide a list of other books that might be right for you.

11. Child’s Own Studio

Turn a child’s artwork into an actual plush toy, aka “softie.”

12. Unagi Travel

Unagi Travel is literally a Japanese travel agency for stuffed animals.

For the cost of shipping your fluffy friends to Japan and a $45 tour fee, they will take them around Tokyo, Onsen, Kamakura, or on a “Mystery Tour” and post photo updates of the entire journey on Facebook.

13. Weave Silk

Lets you create beautiful artwork in mere seconds.

This one, inspired by a pelvis and vertebrae, took me about 1 minute to make.

14. This Is Sand

Same idea as Weave Silk, only you’re making virtual sand art.

It takes a lot longer to come up with much of anything, so if you’ve got a lot of time to kill, this is the online art project for you.

Here we have a feeble attempt at a sunset and pyramids. (I gave up after 5 minutes.)

15. I Need A Prompt

Writers and artists, if you have a creative block or want inspiration for a quick exercise, this site generates random ideas for you.

For example, if you want to write a short story about something but have no idea what, consider describing what happens when a wizard makes uncomfortable eye-contact with a proctologist.

16. A Chinese Pug Licking Your Computer Screen

That’s all it is. A never-ending video loop of an adorable, fawn-colored pug give your screen sloppy dog kisses.

17. I Love You Like A Fat Lady Loves Apples

Help the old lady eat some apples. Do it. She’s hungry.

18. Draw A Stickman

Draw your own stickman (or woman, or dog, or whatever) and choose an adventure, then watch your creation come to life in an interactive scenario. Time killing at its finest.

19. You Are Listening To…

Select from a list of major cities and listen to all available police scanners in the area, set to a background image of the skyline and soothing music.

20. Google Fight

If, for some odd-yet-awesome reason, you’ve ever wondered who would win in a fight if Christopher Walken took on the Power Rangers, just have them battle it out by seeing who gets the most action on Google.

Oh. What’s that? You’re not impressed with #20?

Ok, fine. Here’s a bonus for you…

21. Cool Site Of The Day

Every 24 hours. New site. Cool.

Enjoy your unproductive day!

Btw, we know you can choose a lot of sites to read, but we want you to know that we’re thankful you chose Did You Know.

You rock! Thanks for reading!