17. Nice guy

Slept into until 9am, before a 9.30am state exam. Thought exam was at 2pm. Was just sitting down to breakfast when my mother checked the timetable. Left house at 9.20am to get to school 20 minutes away. Made it before the door closed thanks to my mother’s ‘careful’ driving. My dean sent in a cup of tea and biscuits for me during the exam, to keep me going. Scored 95%.

18. Sleepy baby

Being born. According to my parents, my mom was in labour for hours with me and I just wasn’t coming out at all. When I did eventually pop out I cried for a few seconds max and fell back asleep. I literally slept so much as a baby my parents had to nudge me awake for feeding and whatnot.

19. I don’t think anyone would fault you

Late for a funeral because I stayed up all night watching Pootie Tang. I love that movie and needed a laugh after a heavy, emotional few days.

20. Biggest Regret

I waited years and years for the perfect time. 11:11 and 11 seconds on November 11 2011.

That’s 11:11:11 11/11/11

I was gonna make a wish. But I slept. My biggest life regret.

21. OH NO

I overslept my surprise birthday party. Friends tried to downplay my birthday and just said something like “come over around 7 and we’ll just sit around and have some beers.” I turned my phone off and took a nap beforehand and didn’t set an alarm because I figured “if it’s just a few buddies hanging out and drinking, and I oversleep, it won’t be a big deal.”

It was a big deal because I was an hour and a half late, and there were about 50 people at this surprise party. Half of them left before I even got there. Phone was off so they couldn’t even call to wake me up.

22. 6 months later…

Not me but a person I know, he had his final exam to become a lawyer. His girlfriend later wife went to church and prayed for 3 hrs straight.

He could not handle the pressure and went to the pub and got drunk. When his girlfriend found out she ripped the shit out him.

The result he had to do the course again and delayed him becoming a lawyer by 6 months.

23. Polygraph

I had once applied to be a 911 operator in the county I was living in. Prior to being hired, during the prescreening/interview process, you have to submit to a polygraph exam at the local sheriff’s department, FBI office, or state-level bureau of investigation. I live in Georgia, so I had to go to the GBI office near Atlanta.

My poly was supposed to have been at 2:30 PM. You have to be there early or on time, to the minute. Otherwise the examiner will leave, and you won’t get the poly. I took a short nap that afternoon, intending to wake up at 1 PM. Mapquest told me it would take 30 minutes to get there from where I lived, but knowing traffic in the Atlanta area, I wanted to give myself extra time.

I woke up at 2:00 PM.

Drove to the GBI headquarters, and got there at 2:35 PM.

Needless to say, I didn’t make it on time, and ended up not getting the job.

24. It’s a sign

Slept through a job interview

I had just gotten home from a very long work trip (Thailand to USA) and had a Skype interview that afternoon. Since I was pretty wiped from the travel, decided to take a short nap to freshen up. 4 hours later, I woke up 15 minutes after the interview was supposed to start. Got online and pretended my video wasn’t working since I obviously looked like I had been sleeping so we rescheduled for the next day.

I actually ended up getting the job, but should have taken this as a sign and not gone for it, as it ended up being not a great fit and I left about a year later.

25. Change is hard

I slept through the first 4-ish hours of a 12 hour shift a couple of times. Granted, this was shortly after I got started working night shift, so my sleep patterns were all kinds of messed up, but it still wasn’t fun to have to explain to my boss. He was super cool about it, though.

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