5. He Seemed a Little…Off

“Got a last-minute booking from someone who lived in our same city, which was a little suspicious. However, he (let’s call him T) had a few good reviews so we decided to let him stay. The next day around check-out, I called to see if he was out of the apartment so we could come clean it. T responded by booking another night.

On the third day, he called with a long story about getting mugged on the beach, blacking out, and spending the night in the hospital. Pretty shady, but at least we were going to get him out of the unit and move on.

I let him into the apartment, and immediately saw a crack pipe on the counter. Then, things just seemed a little…off. I noticed that the electronics were unplugged and a few were missing. Then, I went into the bedroom, and saw his set up.

T had a television, laptop, and camera set up in front of the bed. He had most of the other electronics in the house sitting in a pile next to the bed. He had one duffel bag full of electronic cables, etc, and a few tools. He had another bag full of 20-25 brand new hats.

He was extremely apologetic and embarrassed, and hurriedly packed up his car and left. Super nice and polite otherwise.

We changed the locks.

Afterward, I saw his profile get updated with a new review saying he left blood and shit smeared all over a bathroom wall. So, uh, we got off pretty easy I guess.”

6. Cheeto Thief

“These posts make me not feel so bad for our stay after my friend drunkenly stole our hosts Cheetos off their kitchen table and devoured them all. I felt bad, so I gave them 2 boxes of Girl Scout cookies as compensation. It amazes me how little respect people have for others property.”

Photo Credit: YouTube

Photo Credit: YouTube

7. How Rude (AKA Free Coke #1)

“After no response since the day of the booking they showed up 8hrs late and were super pissy that I had left. Called me at 02.30 that night to say the key was not working. I went over and the key worked first time,

“Oh you turn the key that way!”

Night two, 03.30, they called because they are locked out, I go over to find they went to get food, back in an hour. In the mean time I discover they left the key in the lock so the door couldn’t be opened. Enter the locksmith.

On the day of the check out, they left before I got there, the front door was wide open as were the windows. Coke and weed everywhere. Rubbish on the floor and four full condoms on the floor around the bed. Bathroom looked like they stood in the toilet and shit and pissed out.”