34 People Talk About Kid’s Movies That Are Sad and Disturbing


Have you ever seen The Iron Giant or Old Yeller?

If you haven’t, check them out AND bring the tissues, because you’ll be crying at the end.

Hey, not all kid’s movies are fun and games…even though it might seem that way from the title or the cover.

Maybe you should consult this list before you pick a movie for your kiddos if you don’t want them to get all upset and ruin your day.

Here are some kid’s movies that AskReddit users think are sad and depressing.

1. Heartbreaking.

“A Little Princess.

It was hard to watch as a kid, especially when she heard the news about her dad and the way she was treated. It was heartbreaking.”

2. Terrifying!

“The Rescuers, when Penny is forced to get the diamond out of the cave.

It’s so cramped and claustrophobic and the tide just keeps rising and they won’t pull her out until she finds it…Terrifying!”

3. Pretty dark.

“The Hunchback of Notre Dame is darker than I remember as a child.

The one torture scene took me by surprise because I definitely didn’t remember that.”

4. Shocked!

“How about the old Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer from the 60’s?

Watching it as an adult I am shocked how damn mean Santa is. And Rudolph’s parents are pretty terrible too.”

5. A sad scene.

“My Girl.

When Veda starts crying about how he needs his glasses, it gets me every time.”

6. Nightmare fuel…for kids.

“Return to Oz.

When I watched this movie as a kid I had nightmares about the Wheelers.

The insane asylum, the rock king, theheadless woman. So many crazy scarythings about that movie!”

7. Take note of this one.

“The first Land Before Time movie is a lot darker and sadder than the sequels that followed.”

8. Scary “child actor”.

“Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The “child catcher” is scary AF.”

9. Not sure why…

“James and the giant peach that movie fucked me up and I’m not really sure why.”

10. A very sad one.

“All Dogs Go To Heaven.

I still sometimes have nightmares about the hell ship slowly and inexorably sinking into the lava, and there’s no escape for Charlie.

I’m 37 years old.”

11. Oh, no!

“Dumbo when they separate him from his mom and Bambi when his mom is shot.

My parents had to take us home because we were so traumatized.

Thanks, Walt Disney.”

12. A twofer.

“The Fox and the Hound is one of the saddest movies I’ve seen.

Also, the full song Puff the Magic Dragon really gets me every time.”

13. Messed me up.

“The Prince of Egypt had two scenes that messed me up as a kid:

Moses learning the Egyptians were feeding the babies to crocodiles

The death of the first borns.

Also the “Ten Plagues” song was SUPER chilling. The chanting? Spooky.”

14. Unsettling.

“Where the Wild Things Are.

May be a decent book but the film… sad and unsettling.”

15. Still can’t watch it.

“The Snowman.

I still can’t watch the end to this day. Some darkness just gets seen by a kid too early.”

16. The saddest.

“Bridge to Therabitia is the saddest children’s movie I’ve ever seen.”

17. Very disturbing.

“Toy story 3 when they all hold hands and accept death by incineration was disturbing as shit.”

18. Creepy movie.

“The secret of NIMH was fucking terrifying when I was little, but I also loved it.”

19. Matilda.


Dude her parents her parents were thieving assholes who, when the cops were pursuing them just signed over their rights to miss honey no problem.

In real life, no matter what assholes her parents were, this is devastating to a child. I love the movie though.”

20. Plenty of feels.

“The Little Prince”

Netflix movie that will give you plenty of feels for the day.”

21. Double whammy.

“Monster House

Disturbing and sad at the same fucking time I remembered watching it as a kid and freaking out about the whole story.”

22. A scary reminder.

“ParaNorman is a scary reminder that being different is enough for a judicial death sentence.”

23. Nightmares for weeks.

“Coraline is the most Sad & disturbing kids’ movie ever made.

I had nightmares for weeks. I hardly slept, and when I did, I had all the lights on. I still have the occasional nightmare that consists of a door appearing in my wall and two people coming for my eyes with buttons in their hands.”

24. Strange subject matter.

“Chicken Run.

The movie is about chickens try escaping death and be put into pies.”

25. A good one.

“Is no one gonna talk about 101 Dalmations?

“Drown them! Poison them! Bludgeon then! Do whatever it takes for all i care!” I don’t know if I got the line right but she was planning on murdering hundreds of puppy’s for clothes.”

26. Up.

“Up” makes me sad.

Everything about that movie feels so lonely.”

27. I remember it well…

“Where The Red Fern Grows.

We read the book in class and knew what to expect but still- the whole class was bawling.”

28. F’d up.

“The Witches (1990).
Seeing that movie as a kid fucked me up so much.”

29. A classic…but still creepy.

“Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Gene Wilder himself spoke in detail about how it was his view that some parents actively didn’t show their kids the film until they were quote “old enough” even though the film is universally known as a kids film.

Think about it though. A creepy old man invites five kids to his factory before encouraging them to eat loads of candy before making them disappear one by one in ways perfectly crafted to their sinful personality types. Sound strange? That’s because it damn well is.

I’ve heard people compare it to the 1995 horror/crime film Seven – minus the obvious ‘head in box’ cliché. Add in a clearly hallucinogenic inspired boat ride and an army of slave workers and you have a well messed up film. Don’t get me wrong, I love this film to bits – I think Pure Imagination is perhaps one of the best movie songs ever written – however its clear to see that it doesn’t take much to turn this child friendly movie into a hellish nightmare.

I think Tim Burton in his remake actually made a less disturbing film than the original, which is really saying something to Tim Burton.

Loads of people have spoken about it in more detail and length than I have and I encourage anyone reading this to check them out.”

30. Not going near it.


Fuck that shit. I can’t even appreciate it as an adult.

Who thought this would be a good idea for a kids movie?”

31. Dumbo.

“Disney’s “Dumbo” (the one from the 40 or 50s). I only realize now as an adult how heavy and disturbing it was. We only had like 3 movies on VHS. Dumbo was one of them so I’d watch over and over again.

The baby Dumbo looks weird and gets bullied. The mom defends Dumbo from a group of antagonizing boys and is consequently labeled “mad” and gets sent to elephant prison.

Dumbo watches his mother get taken and put into chains. She’s fighting for him the whole time but isn’t stronger than the brutal police. I’m tearing up now as I’m typing this. He grows up without her.”

32. Different views.

“Mrs Doubtfire.

As a child, you think it’s funny to see a grown having to crossdress to spend time with his own children. As an adult, I see it as a tragic tale of a grown having to cross dress to spend time with his own children.

Robin Williams was that good.”

33. Way too young to see it.

“‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ this movie came out two years after I was born.

I remember watching it unsupervised wayyyyy too young and I think it scarred me (my mom probably thought it was fine because it had animated characters in it) I’ve never been able to get the acid vat scene out of my memory.”

34. Who could forget?

“The Wizard of Oz.

There’s nothing more disturbing than flying monkeys.”

Whew…I’m gonna have to check some of those out, even if they will make me bawl my eyes out.

Do you know of any other sad and disturbing kid’s movies?

If so, please share them with us in the comments.