11. Don’t go to New Jersey

I’m a bigger guy, so airline travel is hard. I usually buy two tickets so I don’t put anybody out. On the last plane trip I’ve ever been on, this woman asked me to move seats so she could sit with her sister. I politely told her I didn’t want to. I bought two seats together so I wouldn’t make anybody else uncomfortable. I’m much bigger than average and I don’t expect businesses to accommodate my choice of lifestyle.

This woman threw a fit and sat down in her aisle seat and proceeded to have a loud conversation with her sister on the other end of the plane about how rude people were and how ridiculous it was that I was being stingy with my seats. Luckily the kindest hostess I’ve ever met came up and asked her to please refrain from disturbing passengers and moved her to another seat in the back and moved her sister back there too so they could be hateful together.

The hostess then sat next to me when she was able to and we talked the whole trip to New Jersey. She even brought me a coke (flat but the thought was nice). This was a trip from Oklahoma to New Jersey so I’m not sure if most people from New Jersey are nuts, but I’ll never go back there again.


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