Artist Makes “Game of Thrones” Dragon out of 5,000 Marshmallow Peeps

Photo Credit: Instagram, Vivian Davis

As just about everyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows by now, the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones began airing on April 14.

Fans have been theorizing who’s going to end up on the throne for YEARS now, along with wondering how many of Khaleesi’s dragons will actually survive the final fight. While we wait for answers to those questions, we can at least be distracted by this awesome dragon made entirely of Peeps!


This magnificent beast was featured in this year’s PEEPshow, an annual celebration of all things Peeps held in Westminster, Maryland. Artist Vivian Davis made this tribute to Game of Thrones using approximately 5,000 Peeps.


The dragon, which stands a massive 8.5 feet tall, with a 7-foot wingspan, guards a nest of eggs and looks ready to take off any time!


Considering that Easter Sunday this year coincides with the second episode of Game of Thrones, it’s a good bet that just about everyone will already be at peak GoT and Easter candy frenzy all at once!