Beluga “Spy” Whale Returns – This Time, to Politely Bring a Woman Back Her Phone

Image Credit: Instagram

You might remember the beluga whale secret agent – he showed up in the news a bit ago after Norwegian fishermen encountered him and removed his harness, only to find it had a Russian stamp on the inside. Spy theories abounded…but it seemed just as likely that the animal had been raised and trained for non-nefarious scientific research.

The whale is super friendly, leaving some to worry that it might have escaped (or been released) from captivity. If that’s the case, it may not know how to fend for itself in the wild.

This concern that might be buoyed by another, more recent incident.

Image Credit: Instagram

A woman named Isa Opdahl was recently boating on the ocean when she lost her phone overboard. It fell into the ocean, I’m sure causing her a good amount of distress since that’s a pretty insurmountable problem.

A million things likely ran through her head – she’d have to get a new phone, had she backed it up recently or would she lose photos or contacts, did she remember to buy the insurance…but it was all for nothing.

Image Credit: Instagram

Because that same sweet whale brought her phone back in its mouth.

It swam close enough to the boat to hand over the missing phone while her friends caught the whole thing on camera.

The polite, hopefully-not-struggling-to-find-food whale is hanging out in the Hammerfest area, if you want to meet him for yourself.