Can You Find the 5 Images Hidden Within These Adorable Puzzles?

Image Credit: Gergely Dudas

If you love a daily puzzle and a daily dose of cute, Hungarian illustrator Gergely Dudas has your back – his puzzles come with cute extras like tiny hearts and sweet kitties for you to find.

Give it a shot!

#5. A small marshmallow in a sea of adorable seals.


#4. Do you see Santa’s solid red hat?


#3. How about a heart in a mass of snail shells?


#2. A soccer ball is posing as a panda!


#1. These bunnies are hiding an egg!


Continue reading to reveal the hidden item!

#5. The marshmallow is tough to find!

Image Credit: Gergely Dudas

#4. Santa’s hat is right there…

Image Credit: Gergely Dudas

#3. Those sweet snails have a heart for you!

Image Credit: Gergely Dudas

#2. Did you find the soccer ball?

Image Credit: Gergely Dudas

#1. Did you spot the egg the bunnies are hiding?

Image Credit: Gergely Dudas

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