Can You Solve the “Star-Shaped Geometry” Problem?

Image Credit: YouTube

I know, I know, math, am I right?

Some people like math in particular, some just enjoy a challenge to stretch their brains, and other weirdos thrive on both.

If any of that describes you, you might want to give this “star-shaped geometry” problem a go.

All you have to do is think back to high school geometry class, and solve for A!

Image Credit: YouTube

Continue reading when you give up and/or want to check your answer – and don’t worry, there’a video explanation to go along with the answer!

Image Credit: YouTube

The answer: 30 degrees.

If that’s not what you got, don’t worry – we’re gonna show you how to get to the right answer. If that is what you got, then good work! You clearly remember your stuff and should be rewarded.

You win whatever prize you’d like to buy for yourself.

Ok. Here’s how you can arrive at the right answer:

Who doesn’t like a little geometry in their day?