Cats are the Reason for the Internet: Twitter Edition

Cats – memes, videos, pictures, slides – are seriously the BEST part of the internet. They might even be the reason the internet EXISTS, because when we are talking about the experience of sharing our homes with felines, we are at our very best as a species.

Also goats. They’re pretty amazing, too.

Photo Credit: Amusing Time

But it was cats that trended on Twitter recently with #MyCatAlwaysSays, and boy, were there some gems in there. Because I love you (and the Internet, and cats), I’ve picked the best and brightest to share here.

#1. Cats are quite good at saying this. Like, all the time.

#2. Wow. And where do you think this cat heard that language, huh?


#3. Cats are notorious liars. Poor ones, but they DGAF.


#4. No caption needed. #best

#5. One of the best cat memes, IMHO.

#6. Smartasses come in every species. Clearly we’re overstocked.


#7. “What even is your problem with this, hooman?”


#8. *snort*

#9. Internal monologue of every cat on the planet, with the occasional “Ooh, catnip!” or “Give me bird.” inserted for good measure.

#10. Ummm… that cat is here to conduct some BUSINESS. #bowdown

#11. Why do cats love to do this? Answer: They’re assholes.


But we love them, anyway.

Photo Credit: Giphy

Photo Credit: Giphy