Disney Princess Subscription Boxes Are Here, and It’s Time to Freak Out

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If you’ve got kids in your house (or, you know, humans), then you’re going to be pretty darn excited about these Disney Princess subscription boxes. Subscription boxes themselves are all the rage; you can get anything from science to baking to meals to crafts to keep you and yours entertained, and it’s all delivered right to your door!

But who cares about crafts or baking when you could be getting a box full of Disney princess glam?

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The Disney Princess Enchanted Collection Subscription Box is a monthly package of goodies, each featuring a different princess.

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Which is excellent because, if you ask me, they all deserve attention.

You can choose from two options, basic or deluxe. The basic version, at $50 a month, arrives with a dress, a read-along storybook, a letter from the princess of the month, stickers, and activities. And for the low, low price of $25 more, your box will also include a video greeting and 2-3 additional toys and/or accessories.

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The first box features Belle (because she’s bound to be a hit with almost everyone and also she has one of the more iconic/drooled-over dresses of them all) but frankly, I’d be dying to see what each of my 12 contained.

Too bad the dresses only come in kid sizes, though. Maybe we could suggest an adult Disney princess subscription box? It should definitely still have a dress but also some kind of princess-themed booze.

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Boom. I’m about to become rich.