19 Memes That Dungeons & Dragons Players Will Love

I didn’t get into Dungeons and Dragons until later in life, after finally caving to my son’s five millionth request to please, please, please play the game with him.

So I understand if you read the title of this and thought, “What the heck is Dungeons and Dragons?”

However, if that was your first thought… this post is probably not for you. DnD nerds: this post is for you.

Two years ago I’m not sure I would have believed that one day I would spend my time literally LOLing over memes about a fantasy game I play at my kitchen table, but these 21 Dungeons and Dragons memes are worth it.

1. This is so true it actually hurts.

If you have spent any time playing D&D… oof.

2. They were not prepared.

Listen: there’s no way that site was ever built with this many people in mind.

3. Now 2020 makes sense!

This is what coronavirus has wanted the whole time!

4. The noblest mission.

*Insert inspirational music here.*

5. Wait, excuse me?!

I do not think it means what you think it means.

6. Ooooh, dang!

Look at those skills!

7. Y’all are not ready.

And you know it’s true!

8. That’s pretty dark.

But a bunch of you love it anyway.

9. Why is this always the way?

You’re lucky the DM still even messes around with you.

10. Another 3?!

It’s time to trade those dice in.

11. Listen, jokers.

You’re not as clever as you think you are.

12. Are we sure that’s the right guy?

Sometimes they’re just a little too obvious.

13. Truly inspired.

Thanks for the idea!

14. There’s, um, a situation out there.

Good luck with all that!

15. And that’s really the whole story.

You’re welcome.

16. His moment has come!

At long last.

17. This happens every single time!

‘Tis both a blessing and a curse.

18. It’s not Barney, man.

We all know one or two of these guys.

19. Yeah, that’s a hard no.

Maybe the names don’t have to be quite so literal.

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Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments! Mine has to be the cat.