Dunkaroos Are Officially Making a Comeback

Photo Credit: Twitter

If you were a ’90s kid like me, there are a few things you’ll never forget. Chain wallets. Hey Arnold! Tamagotchis.

So many awesome TV shows, movies, games and snacks were intertwined with my childhood.

And while I am only two years away from turning 30, I am just as excited as the rest of my ’90s brethren about a serious snack comeback. 

I’m not kidding, guys. Dunkaroos are back.

The news became official the day after the Super Bowl with a video clip featuring popular fads from the decade.

General Mills stopped producing Dunkaroos in the United States in 2012. Though they were available online and in Canada up until 2018, the previously popular snack seemed all but retired.

The news of its rebirth sounded like a rounding up of the troops on Twitter.


The snack is set to hit shelves this summer.

And let’s just say the impending sugar rush when you pair Dunkaroos and a Disney flick is going to be epic.

The ’90s generation also featured a number of hit TV series that still exist in today’s streaming-based environment.

Not even the superheroes could escape from Dunkaroos’ delicious reach.

Of course, there will always be detractors/haters/people who don’t appreciate delicious nostalgia.

Obviously this guy must’ve been more of a Go-Gurt fan during his heyday.

For others, the reintroduction of the childhood snack measured up with a few other pretty significant events.

I guess it’s all about perspective, right?


While the launch date is still to be announced, it might be time to get started on your Summer 2020 body now. Because by the time Dunkaroos have danced their way back into stores, all your New Year’s resolutions will go out the door right alongside your favorite ’90s kids snack.