Hylophobia Is a Real Thing and You Probably Have It

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Does this word ring a bell: Hylophobia? It if doesn’t you should familiarize yourself with the term because you most likely suffer from this terrible phobia.

What does it mean, you ask?

Hylophobia is the fear of woods or forests.

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Yes, I told you that you probably suffer from it. Let’s be honest: the woods are creepy and unpredictable. You have no idea what lurks out there and if you’ve been brought up on ungodly amounts of horror movies since you were a kid, you already know what happens in the forest and it’s never good.

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Let’s run down a list of why you probably suffer from Hylophobia, shall we?

The woods are dark and terrifying.

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There are weird people lurking out there.

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You might have to knock on the door at a house like this for “help.”

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And finally, you might run into something like this.

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So let’s just agree that this will definitely NOT be in your future, okay?

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Stay out of the woods! And I will, too