“I’m Too Busy,” and 5 Other Things Rich People Avoid Saying

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There are plenty of rich people who were born into money, but there are others who have worked and scraped their own way to the top.

Regardless of what sort of rich person you’re dealing with, there are some things they’ll never say – and below are 6 items you’ll never hear.

6. “I have money, so why not spend it?”

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A treat here and there is one thing, but careless spending can turn into a bad habit that’s hard to break. Most financial coaches will train their clients to ask whether or not a purchase will really improve their lives before they pull the trigger.

One, Bob Finley of Virtual Asset Management, says “most of my clients don’t splurge on investments. Despite being able to afford first class, most of my clients always fly coach because they know the cost of first class is multiple round trips in coach.”

Just as an example.

5. “Saving and investing are the same.”

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It’s money you’re not actively spending, but aside from that, the two things aren’t alike at all.

Wes Moss, a certified financial planner, explains:

“The wealthy understand that their savings has to be invested in order to have the potential for compound growth. Savers have a fear mentality, stash their money away in the bank, and never really get momentum from their assets. Investors, on the other hand, have their assets invested in areas that over time have produced high single-digit or low double-digit annual returns.”

4. “I’m not good with money.”

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Being “good with money” is a skill, and it can be learned like any other. People who have money don’t like to rely on others to tell them things about their own funds and investments – they like to understand things themselves.

3. “Can I afford it?”

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While it’s true that rich people can afford most things, but the better – and related – question is “is it in the budget?”

If you can pay for it in cash and not take a hit later, ok.

If not, you should probably pass.

2. “I’m too busy.”

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Life is all about priorities, and if an opportunity arises that will help advance your financial goals, you should make time for it.

No questions asked, no chance for opportunities.

1. “It’s all my fault.”

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Lou Haverty, CFA, says that wealthy people tend to describe any shortcomings as temporary issues out of their control, and ascribe successes to their own influence.

“So a bad sales presentation was due to a wrong fit with the audience rather than due to a bad sales pitch. A successful sales presentation was directly due to a well-presented pitch.”

And there’s a reason for it, too.

“Over time this type of positive thinking becomes ingrained in the person’s view of themself and they’re able to more easily bounce back from setbacks and enjoy longer successful streaks.”

The power of positive thinking, y’all.

It’s not like following these will make you rich, but it can’t hurt, right?

Mind over matter and all of that.