Is She Wrong for Embarrassing Her Female Co-Worker? People Responded.

Even if you don’t intentionally mean to embarrass someone, you should always own up to it and apologize if it happens…

And a woman took to Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page to ask if she went too far when she embarrassed a co-worker.

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AITA for embarrassing our female co-worker?

“Both my husband and I work for a dispensary as co-owners and managers. He is inventory manager and I’m kitchen manager, though up until last month I was at a different shop.

I recently got the transfer approval. In our shop we only employ 11 people (3 women including me, 8 men). One of the women is the owners wife and she handles the finances and the other woman “Jen” handles the front end.

Now to be blunt here, Jen is a f**king smoke show. Drop dead gorgeous young lady and to be blunt again, all the men here drool over her. Probably my husband included. I mean, even I drool over her, let’s be honest. But she is also.. idk how to put it.. she runs through the men here.

She has already “dated” or hooked up with 3 of them and recently her eyes went to my husband. I’m used to this type of behavior because my husband is also a solid 10 on a bad day. But she also knows he is married so there is definitely a disrespectful aspect of things there. However, she did NOT know that I was his wife until this morning.

So my husband came to me yesterday and was like “Listen, Jen has been trying to take breaks with me and she often gets in to my truck without asking whenever she sees me sitting outside, asking that I smoke her up and being flirty” (like touching his arms and legs type of s**t).

So I asked if he wanted me to handle it and he said “please, but don’t be rude about it” because he had already told her several times he was married and her only response is “Oh I already know that” and continues on her BS.

Well I knew his break was at 10 and I made a point to come out a few minutes later. I walk to the truck and low and behold, Jen is in the front seat. I hear my husband say “that’s my wife’s seat” and she just giggles and says she is keeping it warm.

Please note we are in our 30s and this girl is 23. So I go up to the window and say “thanks for keeping my seat warm but I’m here now”. She just scowls at me and says “we are kind of talking here”, so I go “yes, I see that and now I would like to speak to my husband” with a smile on my face. Her face drops and she gets out quickly.

Now the problem is that 3 of the guys were sitting there too and they immediately start laughing, which embarrassed her even more. The owners wife said I should have pulled Jen aside and said something versus embarrass her In front of everyone.

AITA? Apparently Jen and the owners wife are the only two who think so.”

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