Learn About Brown Noise and Why People Are Calling It Life-Changing

Folks, you’re in for a treat today.

Are you hip to the “brown noise” trend on TikTok yet?

If not, let us fill you in…

Brown noise seems to be all the rage lately and is defined as “a type of low-frequency sound produced by the same process that causes so-called Brownian motion.”

Here’s a sample.

@verboten.internThank you for sharing♬ Brown noise – Pure Brown Noise – Power of Noise

Brown noise is part of the “white noise” family but the low, strong frequencies of brown noise are what sets it apart.

Here’s a video from a guy who says that listening to brown noise helps him stay focused and productive and he calls it “life-changing.”

@bentelerski life changing #brownnoise #spotify #productivity #motivation #college #georgetown ♬ Brown noise – Pure Brown Noise – Power of Noise

And a counselor named Courtney shared this video where she informs viewers that brown noise has been shown to soothe the brains of people who suffer from ADHD and have experienced trauma.

@ask.courtney What did you do for this minute? #brownnoise #mindfulness #mindfullness #trauma #adhd #adhdtiktok #traumatok ♬ Brown noise – Pure Brown Noise – Power of Noise

If you’re having trouble focusing or you’re looking for some calmness, do some research into brown noise and see if it works for you.

And click HERE for a brown noise playlist on Spotify! Good luck!

Have you had any experiences with brown noise?

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