Man Live Tweets the Terrible Way He Found out His Summer Fling Was Married with Kids

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A man found out his ex-fling was married with children in the most “yikes” way possible — by running into him at church on Christmas Eve.

Dan, or @dxnielandrew_ on Twitter, reported the entire story live on Twitter, and it went viral for obvious reasons.

It all started when Dan went to midnight mass with his mom for Christmas Eve.

“Next to me was a man I hooked up with last summer….and next to him was his wife and children that I had no knowledge of,” he wrote alongside the perfect reaction GIF.

“Can I add we went on 7 dates before he told me he couldn’t be with me because his job was too hectic,” Dan added. “Never realised his job was stay at home dad xxx.”

If that weren’t bad enough, though, the ex then slid into Dan’s DMs because he apparently has zero shame.

Dan posted a screenshot of the DM, leaving the man’s identity anonymous.

Dan denied the man’s advances (good job Dan), replying: “No I’m not going to do that, have a nice Christmas.”

But the man simply doubled down.

“Let’s talk, I can give you Christmas miracle lol xx,” he wrote.

He didn’t stop there either. He wrote a follow-up message, “Dan please hear me out, when are you back in work? Let’s talk please I hav so much I want to say to you. I can’t stop thinking about you xx. Santa said you’re on the naughty list hehe.”

Dan wrote on Twitter to “please come to my funeral” because “I don’t think I’m going to survive Christmas.” Honestly, we can’t blame him.


Poor Dan.

But it’s ok.

Seems like Dan’s right because…

Words may fail, but Dan’s clearly winning.