Master These 3 “R’s” to Kick Bad Habits Permanently

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Everyone has bad habits they’d like to change. We become entranced by episode after episode on Hulu, skip the gym, or buy a bag of chips to unwind from a stressful day. These things feel natural and easy.

It’s hard to replace these habits with good ones. Experts say that changing these bad habits may be as simple as relying on the same thing that caused bad habits to become a part of you: the three R’s.

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The three R’s consist of reminder, routine, and reward.

Data shows that up to 40% of our day consists of routine habits. Most of us already engage in the three R’s without knowing what we’re doing. And author/journalist Charles Duhigg says the basis of change is simple: change your routine.

Suppose you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

Cravings function as a reminder. It’s difficult to simply ignore the urge to smoke, but instead of engaging in your old routine, you need to do something else to build a new routine, such as going for a walk or chewing gum.

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One good way to change bad habits is to ensure new good habits become a part of our routine. To do this, you need to make sure there are reminders to take part in a new and good habit. Once your good habits become routine, it will harder for you to forget your goals.

Changing bad habits is difficult indeed, but perhaps these tips will help you incorporate good habits into your routine.

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