Owner of Cartoonish ‘Flintstone’ House Faces Lawsuit over How Ugly It Is

Photo Credit: CBS 17

Unless you live in a town where every house looks the same, you’re probably familiar with the Ugly House. You know, that house in the neighborhood that’s painted a bizarre shade and/or looks like it was designed by an alien architect. The Ugly House is charming, but it also offends some neighbors.

In Hillsborough, California, the Ugly House is known as the Flintstones House.

Photo Credit: Distractify

The owner, Florence Fang, is obsessed with the Flintstones, and the property looks like the cartoon come to life. The house is rounded, red and purple, and it’s surrounded by fake dinosaurs. Also, the words “Yabba Dabba” are spelled out on the lawn.

You’ve gotta hand it to Florence for commitment!

Apparently, the neighbors are fed up with this house’s appearance, because the owner now has a lawsuit filed against her. BY THE WHOLE TOWN. Poor Florence.

Photo Credit: Distractify

Honestly, ugliness aside, the idea of a Flintstones House is pretty neat, like something that should be open for tours. Kids would love it!

But not everyone agrees. The lawsuit claims that Florence “created live-safety hazards that required immediate correction to protect visitors to the property.”

In the past, the Hillsborough building department has issued citations, $200 in fines, and stop orders to Florence over the house. They claim her additions were “designed to be very intrusive, resulting in the owner’s ‘vision’ for her property being imposed on many other properties and views, without regard to the desires of other residents.”

If you’re wondering who on Earth this Florence woman is: she’s a businesswoman, philanthropist, and former newspaper publisher. She also has no intention of giving in to the lawsuit. Watch out, neighbors.