People Are Sharing the “Least Flattering” Photos of Their Pets and They Are Absolutely Hilarious

©Twitter,avafuller ©Twitter,lRONNOC

Just like us humans, animals sometimes wind up taking super awkward photos. It’s a fact of life – totally unavoidable.

Unfortunately, we don’t usually get to see them. But that’s about to change right now!

A Twitter user recently shared a not-so-great photo of her dog and asked other folks to share similar snapshots.

Let’s see who responded, shall we?

1. Bread cat

2. Not amused

3. Perfect ocean pic didn’t work out

5. LOL

6. He tried his best

7. Hahahaha

8. Wind in your hair

9. No nose

10. Beau!

11. This is good

12. Amazing

13. Can’t sit still

14. Great angle

15. All very solid

Do you have your own unflattering photo of your pet? Share it in the comments!