People Offer Up Life Hacks for Our Bodies

Pro tip: you should ALWAYS, ALWAYS listen to your friends, family members, and even complete strangers if they offer you advice about your wellness and overall health.

Because we’re all works in progress and there’s nothing wrong with learning some new tricks to help ourselves out.

So, what are some good life hacks for our bodies?

Let’s see how folks on AskReddit answered that question.

1. Give it a shot.

“I put lavender oil in my diffuser and turn it on about 30 min before I got to bed.

Fills my room so that I can fall asleep faster than my 1-2 hour normal. I call it my knockout gas.”

2. Foot massage.

“If you use a standing desk at home, buy a lacrosse/cricket/baseball and roll your feet around on it while you stand.

It’s like a high pressure foot massage”

3. Listen to your body.

“Lots of water and lots of sleep can cure SO many things.

Hydrate and rest.

Second favorite life hack is, when my body says “no,” I listen. I don’t mean a whiny no, like a little kid who just doesn’t feel like it, but an actual full stop Do Not Want.

I don’t argue with that.”

4. Pro tip.

“Take a shot of baking soda in water to immediately stop heartburn.”

5. Cut down on the meat.

“My digestive system operates most efficiently if I cut my meat consumption in half.”

6. Wow.

“Stop eating processed sugar…

Life long meds for anxiety gone within 5-ish days.

My thinking is more crisp.

My ADHD is slightly more manageable now…”

7. Good for you.

“Cold showers.

My ability to handle the cold has greatly improved, can happily walk around outside in shorts and t-shirt while everyone else is in big coats, hats and gloves.

Really good for your mental and physical health too.”

8. Get that outta there.

“If you have something in your eye and can’t get it out, pinch your top eyelid gently and then just pull it down over your eye and it will take care of the issue.”

9. Beat the fatigue.

“Whenever I’m extremely tired, to the point where my eyes are slowly shutting, make yourself strong coffee (or energy drink for those non-coffee drinkers) and take a 15-30 min nap right after.

Helped me pull off some papers due the next day for a class in high school and university.”

10. Do it at night.

“Showering before going to bed is like telling my body “Don’t wake up until you’re fully rested, no matter what”.”

11. I like this!

“Want to get some “automatic exercise?”

Put on a 20lb or heavier weight vest and wear it as you do chores around your home, take a walk outside, etc.

After months of slacking off on exercising, I found that wearing it for a couple of hours a day resulted in toning and loss of a bit of waistline.”

12. Stretch it out!


That’s all. Do it in the morning.

Doesn’t matter if you do a full on session or just a 1min “all the major areas” type thing (neck, back, legs).

Blood flows better and you feel looser in your skin.”

13. As simple as that.

“Eating well, sleeping enough, and regular exercise make you healthy and strong.

It’s insane how many people just let their health go to complete sh*t and then die years early for no reason.”

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