People Share the Netflix Series They Will Always Recommend to Friends and Family

Man, Netflix is really pumping out the original content these days, aren’t they?

Every time I scroll through their page, there are tons of new shows that I haven’t seen yet.

But if I only had more time to pick out the good from the bad…

Hey, I think these responses are a good start!

AskReddit users shared the Netflix series they like to recommend to people.

1. Don’t leave us hanging!

“I was gripped watching Mindhunter, so good.

How are they gona leave it like they did though.

I need more.”

2. Hilda.


It’s just such a chill vibe, and love the fantasy element.

It’s the perfect thing to put on if you just want to calm down and let your brain shut off (in a good way).”

3. Very popular.

“Derry Girls.

In case anyone hasn’t heard yet they FINALLY have a filming schedule for the third season of Derry Girls!!”

4. Excellent all around.

“Dead to Me.

Incredible acting, dark but funny, suspenseful, just excellent all around.”

5. Have you seen it?

“‘The Last Kingdom’ is excellent.

Its based on the Danish invasion of England. Great pacing, lots of intrigue in the plot and the relationship between the main character and king Alfred and the production value is solid.”

6. Absorbing.

“Dark. It’s a very complex and absorbing show about time travel and paradoxes in a small German town.

It might not be for everyone, as it is a lot to take in. But it wraps up the story satisfyingly in 3 short seasons, instead of dragging on endlessly, which is nice, and I also think the acting, character arcs, soundtrack/score and cinematography are all great.

It’s the kind of show you need to really pay attention to or else nothing will make sense. I recommend watching it in the original German with subtitles. The dub tracks are terrible.”

7. A great one!


My favorite show on Netflix by far. Took me about 5 min before I forgot they’re not speaking in english.

I fell off at Mexico though, like I felt like everything would be a letdown after the craziness of Pablo Escobar.”

8. Light-hearted.

“Kim’s Convenience. I can’t believe no one ever talks about it.

Also it isn’t stressfully drama and tragedy filled. Just light hearted family comedy that isn’t over the top.”

9. Sounds cool.

“Kipo and the age of Wonderbeasts.

Cartoon with a dope soundtrack, amazing plot and super funny.”

10. Big fan.

“Peaky Blinders.

My husband kept trying to get me into it. I resisted…. at first. Now I’m obsessed.

It’s dark, delicious, and gory.”

11. Interesting.


It follows a red panda named Retsuko dealing with daily struggles at a typical office job, like annoying coworkers, mean boss, etc.

But has a secret passion of letting her anger out by singing heavy metal karaoke at night.”

12. Crime gem.

“American Vandal.

This was such a great show especially with the rise of the true crime genre.

That show is a true gem. Loved everything about it. Bummed it was cancelled but maybe it was better off.”

13. Hard-hitting.

“After Life.

Hard hitting for someone who has felt lost after losing someone they desperately loved but full of Ricky’s humor.”

14. Makes you think.

“Black Mirror. It’s just too thought provoking to ignore

I can only watch one episode at a time. Each episode really hits hard!”

15. For your consideration.


End of the f***ing world season 1

Stranger Things

Umbrella Academy


Russian Doll

Mind hunter

Queens Gambit

The Witcher.”

What are some Netflix series that you always recommend to everyone?

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