20 People Share Their Favorite ‘Don’t Knock It Until You Try It’ Examples

©Unsplash,Adi Goldstein

Sometimes things are way less weird/gross/scary than you think. The hard part is getting out there and trying it before you let pre-judgement get the better of you.

We could all learn a thing or two from these people who bravely went where few dared go before. So maybe you can drop the ‘tude and try some new things after reading this article, mmmmmkay?

1. Sounds soothing

“Sensory Deprivation Chamber. A lot of people think of it as only a mental therapy but I found it better than a massage.”

2. One of my favorite activities

“Going to the movies alone.”

3. Live a little

“Listening to different genres of music every now and then that you are not familiar with or don’t particularly like. You may come across something that you love.”

4. Okay…

“Soy sauce in mashed potatoes. Be careful not to overdo it, but it can be a game changer. A little sour cream or cheese and you got yourself a one way ticket to Flavortown.”

5. Delicious

“The mixed drink known as a “Lunchbox.” Pour a can of cheap beer into a tall glass, top it off with orange juice, and add a shot or so of amaretto. Every friend I’ve told about it said it sounds gross, but every one of them loved it when I made them one.”

6. Get on the mat

“Yoga. Especially if you are active and old.”

7. Joke’s on you!

“A few of dashes of Tabasco in an espresso. Someone tried to prank me with a spicy espresso once, turns out it’s delicious.”

8. Everyone’s doing it

“Online dating.

I used to be one of those people who wanted to meet the love of my life organically and only downloaded a dating app when I wasn’t down for a serious commitment.

Ironically, that’s how I met my boyfriend. We lived two blocks away from each other growing up, attended the same high school, rode the same bus, were in the same club, and shared a ton of close mutual friends. We had every opportunity to meet organically, but it took Tinder to bring us together.”

9. Out of this world

“Dungeons and Dragons. As a kid I hated the thought of even trying it because of the negative connotations that went along with being a “geek”, but as I got older I slowly started to look into it more. Found some friends of mine who played it, made a character and started a campaign with them… then I became obsessed. I’d never had more fun in my life! Nothing had taken me by storm like that before, and now a year and a bit later I DM games for coworkers who I introduce it to and I am still playing in that campaign! It’s an out of this world experience.”

10. Now I’m starving

“Peanut butter on pancakes. I lived in Texas and my friend had it and thought it was weird. Tried it and it was awesome but when I tell people to try it they give me the same weird look.”

11. Phobias

“Scuba diving. I’ve been terrified of the ocean ever since my step dad took me canoeing in it and we flipped over on a coral reef, got cut up and burned pretty bad from fire coral.

However, one day I was like screw it I’m gonna scuba dive because I had money, And so I started the certification and was pretty nervous getting into it but, 5 dives later I loved it.

Soon after I went to Guam on a work trip and got my advanced cert there, did some wreck diving and night dives. And just wow, it can be such an amazing experience and felt even more incredible when I overcame my fear of the ocean.”

12. A unique combination

“I had a friend in college who insisted pizza rolls and reddi-whip was the sh-t. We decided to humor him and try it, disgusting. We called him out on his bullsh*t and he ate the rest of the 40 pizza rolls we made all with whipped cream on top. I still can’t tell if he actually enjoyed them or was just playing the long con.”

13. I can attest to this one

“Grilled peanut butter and jelly. It’s a pb and j cooked like a grilled cheese. You are welcome in advance.”

14. You’re missin’ out

“I know people who won’t try sushi because of how it looks. You poor souls…”