Please Enjoy These 5 Tricky Little Brain Teasers

Image Credit: Pixabay

In this age of automation, sometimes you just need to run diagnostics on your brain. Like, does it still work on its own? Can it figure things out without a search engine? Is there a way to entertain ourselves that doesn’t include a screen?

Well, since you’re going to scroll through these on your computer, tablet, or phone, the jury is still out on the last one. But if you’re wanting to double check whether or not you’re now completely redundant, here are 5 tricky brain teasers meant to make you think – all by yourself!

5. What speaks without breath?

4. Can you count that high?

3. This one is extra!

2. We’ve been able to see through walls since forever?

1. Those mamas think of everything.

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Did you get them all?

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