9 Things Successful People Do to Boost Their Energy in the Afternoon

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Are you at your best only up until lunch? You definitely have company. Many people report feeling a major slump in their productivity in the afternoons. Losing your momentum may stem from sitting in front of a computer for half the day, what you ate for lunch or interrupted sleep from the night before…or a combination, plus any number of other factors.

Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of “You Can’t Be Serious! Putting Humor to Work,” says our dip in energy is also a part of our natural circadian rhythm.

Whatever causes your lack of motivation after you get back from lunch, you still need to be productive. So, what can you do to wake yourself up and get back your drive?

1. Plan your meetings in the afternoon.

Don’t waste your precious morning energy by getting sucked into a meeting.

Meetings in the afternoon allow you to interact with people and that can help you get some pep back.

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2. Get out of the office.

Take a break when you feel yourself nodding off.

Going outside in the sunlight and fresh air helps relieve eye strain, get your blood flowing and will reset your internal clock.

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3. Grab a coffee.

A mid-afternoon cup of coffee will increase your alertness, as does the physical act of walking to get the coffee and saying hello to people along the way.

Getting a green tea or a water for yourself work too.

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4. Take a power nap.

Not easily accomplished in your cubicle, but if you happen to find the opportunity to close your eyes for a 15-minute nap, you’ll likely wake feeling more creative.

Worth a mention to the boss at any rate.

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5. Exercise.

Like napping, this may be a viable option for people who work from home.

However, if you can squeeze in an afternoon workout, you’ll be rewarded with a boost of motivation.

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6. Drink water.

Kerr says dehydration leads to energy slumps.

He suggests keeping a tall, glass of water in reach.

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7. Record your gratitude.

Countless benefits come from acknowledging all the things in life for which to be grateful.

Kerr suggests starting an afternoon ritual of journaling three of them.

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8. Change up your routine.

Move your workspace from your desk to the conference room, or to your kitchen.

Change your usual meeting location. It all works to rev your brain.

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9. Be a social butterfly for a few minutes.

Add a goal to connect with someone in your office for a few minutes in the afternoon.

It will be a chance for a break from your workspace and it’ll strengthen the relationships you have with your coworkers.

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The great thing about using these strategies to get out of a midday energy slump is most of them serve more than one purpose. Not only will they wake you up, they’ll keep you healthier, help you bond with co-workers and make you more productive. Your boss will probably notice your increased energy and output too.

Lots of wins there!