Target Is Starting a New Loyalty Program with Cash Back and Birthday Rewards

©Flickr,Jay Reed

We already know how a lot of people in this country feel about Target: They’re obsessed with shopping there (and just walking around and browsing there, too, apparently). So it’s pretty smart for the chain to start a loyalty program because you know, just like I do, that you’re going to spend about $100 in there every time, even if you just walked in to buy some laundry detergent. We can’t help it, okay?

On October 6, the store is launching the Target Circle program that comes with all kinds of incentives for customers. Let’s get into the details…

You can earn 1% on all your purchases that you can redeem later. And trust me, that adds up. Also, you’ll get personalized deals and a birthday present.

Members of the program will also have access to special sales, and they’ll be able to vote on Target’s charitable contributions. And the best part? It’s totally free, so there’s no reason not to do it. If you already have an account at Target.com or a RedCard, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the program.

Rick Gomez, Target’s chief marketing and digital officer, said, “Our goal is to motivate all guests to choose Target more often by providing meaningful benefits.” Sounds like a plan to me.

The program launches in a few weeks, so maybe you should hold off on your next major Target run until after October 6, so you can score some sweet deals. I’ll see you shopping in the aisles!