12 Guys Share The Secrets Women Probably Don’t Know About

Photo Credit: Pexels, Toa Heftiba Şinca

Are men really that difficult to understand? I sort of scratch my head at women who don’t seem to grasp the male mind. It’s almost like we believe them to be more complicated creatures, like, say, us?

Well, here’s your proof ladies – courtesy of the gentlemen of reddit. There really is no need to over analyze a guy. See what I mean:

12. They truly have a mind of their own.

Photo Credit: Rear Front

11. Patience is key.

Photo Credit: Rear Front

10. Keep the compliments coming, ladies!

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9. My heart just burst. Cuddle your man!

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8. So sweet!

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/Krzysiuu

7. Men like our hair however we wear it. There is no need to ask a million times.

6. Men are fixers so give a heads up!

5. Direct communication.

4. Man, that sucks!

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/gregn8r1

3. We all show our emotions differently.

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/ShakaWTWF

2. Is there any other way?

1. There’s no need to feel like men are hiding something.

There you have it, ladies. Keep it simple, communicate directly, and be concerned for their junk. Easy peasy!