There Is A Wrong Way And Right Way To Make A ‘Milk Coke’


If you’re like me, you’ve only recently learned about the bizarre drink craze created by combining two items most people would never think to put together: milk and Coke. If so, though, you (and I) are behind the times.

Laverne, from Laverne and Shirley, enjoyed milk in her Pepsi. South Africans call the long-beloved mixture “brown cow,” while Indians refer to it as “Doodh soda” and Englishmen just go with the boring, but descriptive, “milk coke.”

Sometime in 2019, its existence made its way across the pond and, to the disgust of news anchors everywhere, became a thing that everyone had to try.

It might sound awful at first, but remember: you drink root beer floats and those are delicious, so how different are milk and ice cream really?

Not that different, as you’ll soon realize (especially if you try it), but here’s the thing – if you don’t get the 2/3 coke, 1/3 milk recipe pretty much exactly right, or you let it sit for too long before drinking it down, some actually disgusting things will happen in your mouth.

Check out this video of an experiment proving how important it is to get this shiz right.

But only watch if you’ve finished your snack…

Basically, remember those god-awful shots that someone thought were a good idea in college? Oatmeal cookie or cement mixer or something? And if the bartender flubbed it or you held it in your mouth for too long it curdled?

Just me?

Well, anyway, the acid in Coke mixes with the milk and, if you let it sit, what resembles cottage cheese starts to drift down to the bottom of your cup.


The moral of the story is a) you should have paid more attention in chemistry class and b) drink your milk coke before it curdles, you weirdos.

Or make sure to have a spoon handy to scoop up all of the chunks.