There’s No Such Color as Magenta and People Are Really Confused About What’s Going On

We know the color magenta, right? Or, do we?

It’s sort of a purple-red-rosy color, or so I thought until I saw this Tumblr thread telling me there’s no such thing as magenta.

This is one of those existential questions that makes us think we may be seeing things that aren’t really there.

See if this makes sense to you. Is magenta real?

Impossible shade of pink

Magenta Is a Figment of Our Imagination

Here’s how.

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But We Have Questions

I mean, I see magenta.

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Alexa, Is Magenta Real?

She knows everything.

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I’ll Be Darned

Magenta is definitely not there on the ol’ light spectrum.

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So, the Spectrum Is a Doughnut

Or is it a bagel and should we debate that later?

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We can see it.

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Let’s Get Magenta Sorted First

Then, we’ll worry about stygean blue.

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I Am Shaken to the Core

I feel like I need to see The Matrix again.

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Red, Blue and Green…Got it

All other colors are made up…?

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The Visible Spectrum of Light

Checks out.

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Now Yellow is Fake?

I feel like I see yellow.

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Okay, So Goldfish Can See Yellow

Which means yellow is a real color, but people can’t see it. Our brains make it up. Then how do we call it yellow and how do we know goldfish see it?

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A Visual Aid

Our brains are smart.

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But We’re All Seeing Yellow

Is it the same yellow? Bright, warm and yellow-y?

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Really Happy We’re Not Cognizant of This Brain Function as It’s Happening

I wouldn’t be able to see any colors before a pot of coffee every day.

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I Was Never Good at Math

But I’m getting that outside of red, blue and green, all other colors are photons.

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Now, We’re Adding Bears to the Mix

Also, let’s forget at this point how we’re coming up with the language to label these non-colors.

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This Is Not Accidental

Mind is blown.

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Our Brains Go WHOOPS?

Back to magenta.

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Behold, the CIE Chromaticity Diagram

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

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Colors are Blends of Multiple Wavelengths

And don’t eat magenta things.

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The Brain Knows

We should listen to it.

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On to Stygian Blue

The impossible color.

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Otherwise Known as the Forbidden Color

That makes me like it more.

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This is How to See Them

Do you feel dirty?

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Okay, I think we’ve established what nitwits we are for thinking magenta was a thing. But isn’t it fascinating how the brain works in all ways to keep us safe as we forage for food among the bears?

Now if we can only use it to keep kids from eating detergent pods…