These 12 People Messaged the Wrong Number and We Get the Lols

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In this day and age, it’s easy to dial the wrong number. Phone companies resell old numbers, people save numbers incorrectly, and people can have brain farts.

Other times, you may have saved someone’s number incorrectly, or the person you hoped you’d meet again didn’t want to be rude—so they gave you a wrong number on purpose.

Most of the time these exchanges are negligible, but some of these end up giving us a good laugh. Here are some texting fails that will make your day!

12. Just Cat Things

I need more of these right meow!

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11. Hey Patrick!

Don’t be mad bro!

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10. This Selfie Exchange

Sorry Tony, wrong number!

Face - iMessage Sunday 12:30 AM Tony Sunday 12:29 PM Good afternoon Who is this Tony from the bar last night Wrong number guy, sorry Delivered

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9. You Suck, Okay!

Doesn’t matter who you are!

Text - 22% Sprint 4:02 PM Contact Messages Everyone thinks you suck I think you have a wrong number James? Nope. Andrew well you probably suck too

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8. Mom Wants To Talk To You!

Thanks for the reminder though.

Text - NNO 81% | 12:35 PM Sat, 07/04/2015 Mom wants you to call her 6:20 PM Who is this 8:51 PM Andrea 10:22 PM Wrong number and you got me in an unnecessary 30 min conversation with my mother so thank you for that. 10:23 PM Enter message

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7. It’s a Done Deal

After you send proof, of course!

Text - Text Message Today 2:41 PM Its done Excellent. You will receive payment via bank transfer once you bring me her head as proof.

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6. He’s Not Spencer

But he’s way better!

Text - Is this still Spencer's number? It's Leela and I'm going through my contacts. Today 04:57 Sorry Leela. This isn't Spencer BUT, you have reached... CAPTAIN ZAPP B RANNIGAN

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5. This is Awkward

And paranoia-inducing

Text - 61% oo AT&T LTE 4:20 PM < Вack Contact iMessage Yesterday 9:14 PM Неy Thinkin about those tight nipples I think you've got the wrong number But you've got me really concerned about my nipples. Delivered Sorry Send iMessage

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4. Wait, I Want One!

Things took a turn for the better!

Font - ooo Verizon 5:17 PM Messages (3) Details iMessage Today 4:52 PM Wrong number Wait I want one This number was listed as a vets office I take good care of dogs For free No one needs 7 dogs You are being selfish Delivered iMessage O No

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3. Who Else Calls You Queen?

Too much jealousy?

Text - Text Message Today 7:03 PM Wassup Queen Who is this? Who else calls you Queen? My fault wrong number Wait I'll be your queen Come back

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2. Well, This is Awkward

Clearly not the connection the sender wanted.

Product - Nov 20, 2012, 11:02 AM Nov 20, 2012, 1:43 PM Wrong number. Yep. My bad

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1. Jessica, Is That You?

No, no it’s not.

Face - Today 12:03 AM Jesica ? Jessica? Do I look like a Jessica? Delivered

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As you can see, these poor souls were simply hoping to get in contact with someone for any number of reasons. At least we have proof that these exchanges were funny and sometimes, quite innocent.

Have you ever texted a number and gotten an unexpected response? Well—share it with us in the comments!