These 15 People Were Brave Enough to Announce a Belief They’re Sure Will Never Change

Image Credit: Pixabay

Never say never is very good advice, but there are some things you just can’t imagine will ever change. AskReddit users feel the same, which is why they stand by these 15 closely held beliefs.

#15. On caring

“People will only care if a majority of people cares about it.”

#14. On Home-owning

“HOAs, condo associations and maintenance corporations are to the tools of the devil.”

#13. On body autonomy

“That people should be in charge of their own bodies.”

#12. On Respect

“Basic respect is automatic. Based on people’s behavior, they can gain more respect or lose that little sliver of respect.”

#11. On vegetables

“Pickles are better than cucumbers.”

#10. On Sod’s Law

“Sod’s law: the bus you’ve been waiting for will show up as soon as you light a cigarette. That phone call will come as soon as you get in the shower. Sounds depressing BUT! You can invoke sod’s law to make things happen by pretending to be inconvenienced. This obviously never works, because the universe is on to you. But you will expect it not to work, so overall you still win. Take that, universe!”

#9. On an uncaring universe

“No matter how firmly I hold my beliefs they may be proven false in the face of an uncaring universe.”

#8. On god

“If a god actually exists, i truly believe he/she/idk isn’t like any ‘god’ version described by any religion.”

#7. On earth

“Earth is not flat.”

#6. On questioning beliefs

“That moving towards an extreme is not healthy – It’s good to have beliefs but if you don’t question your beliefs you are hitting the apex and moving towards a downward spiral.”

#5. On gold

“Threads or comments with gold get an undeserved amount of attention. The key to making all your opinions seem right during an argument on reddit is to guild yourself from an alt. How can you argue against the guy with the monetarily superior opinion??”

#4. On Smarts

“That most people are smarter than they actually think they are.

I see a lot of people think they are dumb or not as smart as others because they have bad grades or grades that are not in the A range. Most people are just learning or studying the wrong way without realizing it.

I’m not a specialist or anything but that is just something I’ll always believe!”

#3. On flexibility


#2. On Karma farming

“I believe 90% of Askreddit answers are just shitty attempts at karma farming.”

#1. On the villain

“Daniel LaRusso was not the villain. No amount of explanations or videos telling me Johnny was the good guy will change my mind.”

What would yours be?