#10. I forget, but I never forgive!

“My ex and I were arguing once. Now, she had a tendency to bring up old issues into the current argument, and I was finally fed up with it. I said, ‘You ever heard of forgive and forget?!’. ‘I forget, but I never forgive!’ So, wait, does this mean she’s mad at me but has no idea why. That would explain so much about our relationship.”


#9. Knock, knock? Who’s- WTF?!!!!

“Broke it off with an ex because all we did was fight. I moved on. She didn’t. One time she showed up to my door wearing a long coat and nothing but stockings and heels underneath. I laughed and closed the door.”

#8. Fake STDs are the beSTDs

“Dated casually for a few weeks, decided she wasn’t for me so I called it off. Get a call a week of so later saying I gave her gonorrhea. WTF? Go to the doc, get tested with a thing down Mr. Peehole. Ow! Results come back, I’m clean. It then comes back to me that it was just revenge for breaking up with her. She was going to tell me she was pregnant and make me pay for the ‘abortion’ but was talked out of that by her best friend. I would have rather paid the money.”