This Man Was Reunited with His Cat After 7 Years Apart

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If you’re an animal lover and/or you have animals of your own, then you can understand the acute fear, guilt, and sadness that would accompany losing your furball friend. You’d wonder if they were okay, if someone kind was taking care of them, and of course, whether or not you would ever see them again.

Most people would probably give up hope after 7 years, but for cat owner Robert and his little tabby Chebon, that’s how long it took for them to find their way back to each other.

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Chebon had gone missing just before Robert planned to move from California to Ohio. He stayed in Cali an entire year in the hopes he would find his cat, but eventually gave up and moved, thinking he’d said goodbye to Chebon forever. Then, a life-changing call that informed him that not only was his cat safe, but he was ready to go back home.

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A woman trapped Chebon after thinking he looked ill, and the veterinarian located his microchip. The now 19-year-old cat had been living alone on the streets since he’d been lost.

For Robert, it was nothing short of a miracle.

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He hopped a plane back to Los Angeles, wondering the entire time if it could really be his cat – and it was.

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The video of their reunion is below and y’all – you’re going to need some tissues.

What a beautiful story of hope! Never stop looking for your furballs, y’all, because they just might still be looking for you, too.

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