How Twitter Handled HBO Now’s Outage During ‘Game of Thrones’

Basically, they didn’t.

Photo Credit: mtv.com

You see, the majority of Game of Thrones watchers try their best to watch the show live, or as soon as humanly possible, because the Internet cannot contain itself when it comes to spoilers, and no one wants to go into a rage spiral on a Sunday night. We’re all trying to relax. Shit.

But Sunday night, the streaming service HBO Now crashed in the middle of the episode. It wasn’t out for that long (according to @HBONowHelp, only about 30 minutes), but damn. Twitter users had some pretty hilarious reactions in the meantime, to which I think we all agree they were entitled.

#8. This person is being way too nice and understanding. This is panic time, people!

#7. I feel like Ron Swanson could have actually written this tweet.

#6. Anger is an appropriate response. So are GIFs.


#5. Go ahead and cry, my friends.


#4. Honestly, I think Spider-Man would have an easier time avoiding those lightning bolts than viewers would have avoiding spoilers on the internet.

#3. Who doesn’t love a good play on words?

#2. Sundays are for relaxing! RELAXING, I SAY.


#1. Using their own words against them. I approve.

Did this happen to you?

How the f**k did you even deal??

Source: Bring Me the News