Unlock Your Phone During a Viral Epidemic With These Surgical Masks That Look Like Your Face

Photo Credit: Face ID Masks

Of all the things to worry about during a viral epidemic or pandemic, “how do I use Face ID with my face mask on” is probably not the highest on the list. But no worries, you can still unlock your phone without taking off your mask if you buy one of these face masks that imitate the bottom half of your face.

Danielle Baskin, a San Francisco-based artist, invented the semi-satirical N95 masks after being inspired by a discussion with her friends about how common surgical masks are becoming. Danielle was able to make Face ID compatible masks fairly easily, because she runs multiple companies that specialize in printing on curved surfaces.

“Unlock your device with a surgical mask that looks just like you,” the website for the face-recognition respirator masks says.

“After uploading your face, we use computational mapping to convert your facial features into an image printed onto the surface of N95 surgical masks without distortion.”

Don’t worry, these masks are perfectly functional despite their unique look.

“Our printer uses inks made of natural dyes. It’s non-toxic and doesn’t affect breathability. You can use your mask for everyday life as a barrier for airborne particle droplets.”

A brief FAQ question includes the question we’re all wondering: “Is this a joke?” The answer: “Yes. No. We’re not sure. Viruses are not a joke. Wash your hands when you can. And get vaccines when you can.”

Fair enough. If you do want to purchase one of these masks, know that they are still in development, but they will cost $40 per item, and Danielle doesn’t plan to produce any while there’s a global mask shortage.

Photo Credit: Face ID Masks

Also, you’ll need to set the face mask as an additional face on your phone. Creepy? Inventive? Disturbing? All of the above, we say.