Want to Learn How to Make Pasta? An 84-Year-Old Italian Grandma Has Got You Covered!

Photo Credit: Pexels

What’s more delicious than fresh, home-made pasta? Where many of us didn’t have time to cook something from scratch in the past, many are now signing up for online courses, watching tutorials, and dusting off old recipe books.

But nothing is better than creating an authentic dish by following directions from a seasoned chef.

With the advent of one of the largest human lockdowns of all time, an 84-year-old nonna (grandma) has been live-streaming her pasta-making classes!

Nonna Nerina’s classes were already well-known, as you can see below.

Her classes will be live-streamed every weekend, and she’s so popular that slots are full for weeks. But fret not, there are several YouTube tutorials featuring Nonna Nerina.

Nonna Nerina lives outside of Rome and decided to switch to an online-only model so she can share her family’s recipes and remain healthy. Classes are thorough and last anywhere from two to three hours. People all over the world have been gushing about them!

Nonna Nerina’s classes are also seen as a way to stay well-fed without having to go outside.

But what if you want to binge-watch your favorite show on the weekends or go for a stroll? Nonna Nerina’s grandaughter, Chiara also teaches pasta-making classes every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Now, these classes aren’t free. They’re $50, but here are some videos you can watch if you can’t find an open slot or afford the class yet.

Do you think you’d sign up for these pasta-making classes? Are there any alternatives?

Let’s crowdsource some answers in the comments section!

Happy eating!