8 Reasons Why McDonald’s Was Better When We Were Kids

Photo Credit: Flickr

Back when we old folks were growing up in the 1980s and 90s, going to McDonald’s was definitely not a twice or more a week sort of event that happened because mom (cough, cough) didn’t plan very well. Not by a long shot.

It was a special occasion that was fun and nutritious!

Well, maybe not nutritious. But definitely fun – at McDonald’s there was stuff to do and clowns to see and gifts to get.

Scroll with me down memory lane and see for yourself.

1. Happy Meal Toys

So many great toys that you couldn’t play with until you ate everything and drank all your soda because they didn’t have milk haha.

Hot Wheels - Happy Meal toys

2. The Employees

They smiled and wore nice smocks and they actually liked kids.

Photo Credit: Flickr

3. Playplaces

Sometimes our moms would take us there just to let us play when the weather was bad and we couldn’t stand to be indoors anymore. And someone would always leave their shoes in the cubby, lol.


4. Officer Big Mac

Big Mac jail was fun. We would fight to see who would go in.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

5. The Nintendo 64 Kiosk

Times were tough back then. Not everyone had a new N64 with those super awesome graphics.

But McDonald’s had them for us to play with.

Nintendo 64 Kiosk at McDonald’s
byu/BeeManGaming ingaming

6. Burger Stools

Yes, they were hard to sit on. Yes, they were super cool. Yes, you raced your sister to get your choice of seat.

Photo Credit: Yelp

7. McDonald’s Halloween Buckets

An autumn essential presented to you by your favorite neighborhood McDonald’s.

McDonalds Halloween buckets from the 90s

8. McDonald’s Pizza

It was good. Deal.

McDonald’s Pizza in the early 90’s. It was shockingly good
by inpics

I don’t know what to tell you children of 2000 and later. You missed the golden years of the golden arches. The food is still decent and you might get a smile from a cashier wearing a logo-ed golf shirt, but it’s not the dreamland of yesteryear.

We just didn’t know what we had.