What Inventions Do You Want to See in Your Lifetime? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Yes, we’ve made great advancements as humans over the last several decades, but we want more, baby!

I’m talking about inventions to make our lives easier and more enjoyable…so what would you like to see come true?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Okay…

“Dental regrowth would be friggin sweet!

Expensive…but sweet…”

2. A cure.

“A cure for Alzheimer’s.

Both grandfathers suffered from it and now my own father.

It’s terrible.”

3. Let’s get it done. 

“I’ve been telling my children for years that in their lifetime, when they need an organ transplant, doctors will just grow an exact genetic match for them in a vat.

Time to get cracking on this.”

4. I wish!

“I read about scientists at MIT and in Japan working on a machine that records your dreams and allows them to be played back.

I would love something like that because I have some pretty crazy dreams that I would love to experience again.”

5. A hell of a thing.

“I’d settle for a massive, fixed, very expensive to build source of almost free energy.

I’ll d** a happy man if I get to see a commercial, grid connected fusion power plant go online in my lifetime.

A man made star, used to power our homes. That’d be a hell of a thing.”

6. Would be great.

“A time machine.

Not one that physically allowed you to travel through time but something that allowed you to watch the history of the unvierse as its own kinda movie.”

7. Need to fix this.

“A way to fully process plastics.

There’s a lot of different environmental concerns we have, but plastics are a giant pain that’s definitely not going away unless we work this out.”

8. To Mars!

“I hope we can colonize at least Mars in my lifetime, and hopefully to the point where space travel is possible for not just a select few highly trained astronauts.

Maybe even get some way of traveling faster in space so we can reach distant stars. Unlikely in my lifetime, but I can dream.”

9. All of these.

“High speed trans continental railway system in the USA or desalination of sea water on a mass scale.

Oh, and the cure to cancer.”

10. Yes!

“A hoverboard, like Back to the Future level hoverboards.

It would be great to purchase one like buying a regular skateboard.”

11. Full dive.

“Full dive VR.

Like in sword art online or similar shows.

It seems like it would be a lot of fun.”

12. You never know…

“Would be nice if self-driving cars were standard by the time I reach the point of no longer being able to drive myself.”

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