Wish List: This Bed That Automatically Slides Your Partner Back to Their Side

Photo Credit: Ford

Somewhere out there in the universe, a human is on their fifth cup of coffee because they didn’t get any sleep due to their partner’s inability to stay on their own side of the bed. It’s hard to sleep with one leg hanging in the air. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if there were, say, a bed with an angry wall halfway down the middle?

Ford, a company that is most well-known for making cars, has answered tired co-sleepers’ prayers by inventing a bed to ensure that bed-hoggers stay on their own side. The bed uses the same technology that keeps cars in the middle of the road – the “Lane-Keeping Aid.” It’s called the Lane-Keeping Bed, and it’s designed to keep your annoying a** partner in their lane of the bed so you can actually sleep. Hallelujah!

Photo Credit: Ford

Seem too good to be true? Okay, here’s how it works. The bed has a line down the middle. When one person crosses the line, it triggers the bed’s rotating mechanism to keep that person on their own side. The bed includes a rotating mattress, pressure sensors, and motion control technology.

Photo Credit: Ford

“For those who share their bed with a ‘space invader, precious hours can be lost simply trying to reclaim a fair share of the mattress,” the company wrote in a statement.

“One solution could be Ford’s ‘Lane-Keeping Bed’, that applies car tech know-how to ensuring that even the most selfish bed mate stays ‘in their lane’ through the night.”

The company worked closely with sleep experts to design the bed, so it’s actually comfortable and good for your back, too.

Check it out in all it’s glory:

Sadly, this game-changer of a bed is not for sale… Yet. Time to write Ford a strongly-worded letter.