Writer Rants About Working From Home in Sweatpants and Gets Roasted by Twitter

Photo Credit: Pixabay

If you’re like me, you know all too well that one of the best aspects of working from home is the dress code. There is none!

Getting up to make my morning coffee in some basketball shorts and a t-shirt before I sit down at the computer makes working from home a breeze. After all, it’s a lot better than waking up at the crack of dawn to iron a dress shirt and pants.

Not everyone is a fan of the casual work-from-home dress code. In fact, LA Times writer Adam Tschorn openly criticized all of us who don sweatpants at our home office.

But there’s strength in numbers. And my fellow sweatpants-adorning, hard-working home folk have risen up and battled back against Tschorn and his senseless, scathing criticism. After all, should we really be listening to fashion advice from a guy whose profile picture reveals someone who has no sense of style?

Step right up, folks. Who’s ready to take a ride on the merry-go-round with Mr. Tschorn?

Now that one was a little harsh, but I get the point. Let us make a living from home in whatever pants we want.

Apparently Mr. Tschorn’s own newspaper can’t even back the internet bully. Though, I’m not sure cheetah print should be considered professional work attire, either.

Fashion bloggers and I don’t have a ton in common, but we can both agree that Mr. Tschorn’s cruel words have no place in our society. Everyone’s already feeling down being stuck at home, so what’s wrong with getting work done in the most comfortable pants known to man?

Boom. Even the dictionary backs us up on our fashion choice. And you can’t argue with a book that only spits facts. Take that, Mr. Tschorn.

Are you part of the sweatpants revolution? How do you dress differently when working from home compared to a traditional office setting?

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