You Can Now Turn Your Cat’s Face into a Realistic Mask

Photo Credit: Shindo Rinka

Calling all cat owners who are obsessed with their cats – or in other words, all cat owners! You can now become your cat by turning his face into a very realistic and frankly terrifying mask. This takes the phrase “crazy cat lady” to a whole new level.

The cat mask service is brought to you by a Japanese creative studio called Shindo Rinka, in collaboration with a modeling workshop called 91. Just take a photo of your cat in good lighting, send it to the company, and they’ll get to work.

Photo Credit: Shindo Rinka

The resulting mask is made of a 3D mold covered in fur. It’s so realistic that it’s too realistic. Like maybe you’ll forget that you’re a human underneath the mask, and you’ll start pooping in the litterbox, and your cat will get freaked out and run away from home, and then you won’t even have a cat, you’ll just BE your cat!

Or you could just take some creepy photos and call it a day.

Photo Credit: Shindo Rinka

Did I mention these masks cost upwards of $2,000? Each mask is completed by hand to look identical to your pet, and I mean look at it. That level of realism doesn’t come cheap.

The company does not offer a human mask for your cat… Yet.