When I was younger, I totally played Truth or Dare with my friends. I mean, it’s basically a right of passage as an American teen. But my games were pretty tame compared to some of the stories these 19 Redditors shared:

1. Naked Gyrating

“At a sleepover in junior high we dared our friend to strip down to his underwear…you know, homoerotic pubescent stuff. He comes out from the other room completely naked and gyrating, saying “You got more than you bargained for!”

2. Homegirl May Be a Little Cray-Cray

“This girl asked her friend to dare someone to have unprotected sex with her. When he received the dare he literally just got up and walked out the house. Then the girl gets drunk, tries it on with a few guys there (to which they all rejected), confessed her love to another guy there, threatened to kill herself, then fell asleep. This was a few years ago. I saw her a few months back and she looked pretty normal to me. That is pretty and normal, but I will never forget that day.”

3. Gotta Go Fast

“Played it with some friends at one of their apartments, before the game we wrote down dares on slips of paper, and on one of the slips I wrote down that you had to strip down to your underwear with your pants around your ankles, wear a blue shirt as a cape, exit the apartment and slowly waddle to the end of the long hallway and back, all while repeatedly saying “gotta go fast.” I thought it was bizarre and great. I picked my own dare.”

4. Unrequited Love

“Girl I had an interest in at the time knew I was into her and dared me to stop being attracted to her. Still hurts.”

5. Dinner and a Show

“When a guy I didn’t know was dared to jack off under a blanket and finish while everyone watched. Everyone watched…”