Do you have any idea how long people have been smoking marijuana?

It’s been happening for longer than a lot of archaeologists thought, too.

And did you know that Bill Murray owes his comedy career to weed?

Though that story probably doesn’t play out like you’d imagine, either.

When weed, history, and pop culture intersect, you get gems like these from the Fact Snacks archive:

#7. Humans have been smoking weed for at least 2,700 years.

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Here’s a look at:

  1. A portion of the entire sample in transfer
  2. The 2700-year-old leaf fragment, still green
  3. A closeup of a trichrome, which can be seen in (B)
  4. A seed

#6. If Shakespeare wasn’t a pot-head, his friends most certainly were.

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In 2011, the same anthropologist, Francis Thackeray, applied to exhume his skeleton to find out if he was really a pothead:

The Church of England never granted permission, however.

Maybe they’re afraid of the curse he put on his own grave

#5. Bill Murray owes his career to weed, sort of…

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#4. Stanford and MIT make a deal…

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#3. Cheech Marin will crush you at Jeopardy!

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“He not only beat me. He crushed me.”

-Anderson Cooper.

Cooper said he felt a bit of relief when he first heard he was going up against Marin.

Cooper should have used his fancy journalism machine to look up some facts about Cheech.

Marin won the very first Celebrity Jeopardy! Tournament way back in 1992.

#2. Girl Scouts team up with weed shop.

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#1. Bob Marley’s son flipped a prison into a pot farm.

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